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Write! It's on the "tip" of my pencil!

Write!  Right now!
Here's a tip to get you started with writing today at home or in your classroom:
June!  Think GREEN!
Make a list of all the green things you see outside your window today!  Summer is here at last!
(Focus Trait:  Ideas)
July! What a patriotic time of year!
Practice reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance."  Reciting the pledge is a great way to demonstrate sentence fluency for our youngest learners. 
(Sentence Fluency is the flow and grow of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities for our youngest learners.)
It's back to school time...
To demonstrate the Organization Trait make a list of
School Supplies with your child.  Have him put a * by his favorite and draw a picture to match!
It's time to carve a pumpkin!
Draw a pumpkin with the BEST FACE EVER!
Using a speech buble, put "words in his mouth!"
What is saying?  Read your writing to a friend!

Our Teachers Pay Teachers store has GREAT activities as well!

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