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Quick Downloads of Our RAFTS series!

R.A.F.T.S. are HERE!
If you are using the R.A.F.T.S. format of prompt in your classroom...FANTASTIC!
Our Teachers Pay Teachers Store (The WeeWriters) has a selection of materials for you to quickly download and use in your classroom tomorrow!
  • Math R.A.F.T.S.
  • Wee Can Write R.A.F.T.S.
  • Wee Can Write II R.A.F.T.S.
  • Text Type Posters
  • Writing Mode Posters
  • Thinking Like a Writer Posters

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Materials Available


The Wee Can Series of  books
include Wee Can Write, Wee Can Write II, Wee Can Count, Wee Can Travel, and Wee Can Celebrate.  Those books are available through Amazon and

We recommend for savings and fastest shipping and order fulfillment!

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