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Write! It's on the "tip" of my pencil!
These resources and materials will help your Wee Writers on their writing journey using the Six+1 Traits!

Wee Can Write
Using 6+1 Trait Writing Strategies with
Renowned Children's Literature 
Wee Can Write uses classic children's literature to teach the six traits of writing. The 36 titles selected with trait activities for the writing traits of ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions, are divided into four color coded seasons. Pick a great title and read the activities suggested. With materials already in your classroom and 3-5 minutes of preparation, you are ready to teach the traits to your youngest students. These titles are probably on your bookshelf right now!


Wee Can Celebrate!
Celebrate writing all through the year!  This collection of 366 (yes, there is an entry for Leap Year!) will be a welcome addition to your "writing through the day" activities.  Each prompt is based on a celebrated day.  Each prompt states the trait focus.  Easily adapted for the youngest to oldest writers, this collection  will be welcomed addition to your resources on the traits.  Put real writing into a full day in simple, easy, ready to go prompt with Wee Can Celebrate!
The BEST of the BEST!
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Wee Can Count
Mathematics and Writing are linked together seamlessly
using an  independent center approach

Integrate Mathematics and Writing Activities!

Wee Can Count is an "out of the book and ready to go" collection of six classic titles that link math and writing activities. This book has learning centers that are truly ready to use! Using the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards, the activities are presented in independent learning centers. Upon completing the math activities, the student does a self-assessment through a simple writing evaluation of his work

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Book and laminated prepared learning center pages:


Wee Can Travel includes 12 themes commonly taught throughout the academic school year aligned with the National Social Studies Standards.
Six Trait activities are written for each of the twelve titles...ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions.
Three center activities are written and ready for use to encourage student's independent learning skills.
Supplemental themed reading list included for each theme.
Titles include:
The Pledge of Allegiance
Johnny Appleseed
Follow the Dream
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
Stone Soup
Coming on Home Soon
Martin's Big Words
The Gardener

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